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1. What is a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO)?
2. Who is a Health Care Provider (HCP)?
3. Who is a Primary Care Provider (PCP)?
4. Who is an enrollee?
5. Of what benefit is the scheme to me?
6. I have filled my form and premium has been paid, What next?
7. When the scheme takes off, can I still keep my present doctor?
8. There is a hospital I am currently using or intend to use, but is not on the list of hospitals under this scheme. This hospital is close to my house or office, hence convenient for me. If I access care there, can I forward the bill to the HMO?
9. What is a medical emergency?
10. Can I change from one healthcare provider to another?
11. I am resident in Lagos and chose a hospital in Lagos as my provider. I later traveled to Ibadan and fell ill, how do I access care?
12. I have a drug I am using with my current hospital; will my chosen provider on this scheme provide this drug?
13. I need to see a dentist for my teeth, what is the procedure?
14. Is there a limit to the healthcare that I can receive under this scheme?
15. I stay in Surulere and registered with a Provider in Surulere. Over the weekend, I visited my cousin who stays in Ikeja. I later experienced headaches and went to an hospital in Ikeja for treatment. Can I forward the bill to the HMO?
16. In the event of loss of my enrollee I.D. card, what do I do?
17. If I do not go to the hospital, do I get a refund?
18. What is a Pre-existing condition?

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