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To the Employer


* Better financial planning for healthcare benefits to employees.

* Pre-paid premium, which makes it simple for you to budget for your healthcare needs in advance.

* Guaranteed savings of (20 – 40)% on yearly medical bills. Consequent upon this, more funds can be made available    for other equally beneficial welfare packages for staff such as pension and retirement benefits, home ownership            schemes, etc.

* Guaranteed benchmark quality assurance.

* Improved health outcomes to employees.

* No hidden charges, no co-payments and no restrictions on the number of attendances or in-patient admission days    provided that the premium for the service type has been paid.

* Improvement in other staff welfare benefits arising from savings on medical.

* Eliminates the administrative burden of receiving and vetting medical bills and of keeping track of healthcare costs.


To the Employee


* Guaranteed access to quality healthcare services.

* Better and wider choice of primary care services.

* User-friendly healthcare provider network.

* Efficient referral system through primary to secondary to tertiary levels of care.

* Portability for emergency or out-of-station care.

* No penalty for cost of usage.

* Access to counseling on immunization services.

* Guaranteed customer service satisfaction.

* Peace of mind.

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