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Vision and Mission

Mission & Vision

Our Vision is to be the preferred and foremost Health Maintenance Organization in Nigeria.


Our Mission is to render with unparralleled professionalism affordable and qualitative healthcare services that meet international standard to members of the public through a mutually beneficial partnership with a network of highly efficient healthcare providers.


Our Core Values

The following distinctive qualities as summarized by the acronym – SRIPPT form our core values, which have immeasurably contributed to the attainment of our organizational goals and successes in the Health Insurance Industry.



SRIPPT simply means –


S – Speed i.e. promptness in claims settlement (all medical claims are to be  settled within two weeks).


R – Responsiveness to clients needs.


I   – Integrity


P  – Professionalism in service delivery via promotion of skills and quality.


P  – Partnering for mutual beneficial relationships with providers and clients.


T  – Technology (Human & Machine).

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